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Intellectual Property

Thank you for considering us to assist with the protection of your intellectual property. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss our full range of intellectual property services, including representation in trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and privacy matters. The regular services provided by our trademark attorneys are are discussed below, but every trademark or copyright portfolio is unique and will require a phone call to discuss how we can assist. 

Comprehensive Trademark Services

Our trademark services, always provided by an experienced trademark attorney, include:

  • Preparing trademark applications to secure enhanced trademark protection.

  • Performing trademark searches to enable you to make intelligent investment in new brands.

  • Representing you before the United States Patent and Trademark Office to secure registration of your trademarks.

  • Representing you in trademark Oppositions and trademark Cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to resolve trademark registration disputes with other parties.

  • Managing your trademark portfolio to keep your trademarks alive and enforceable.

  • Licensing out your trademarks rights to generate revenue.

  • Enforcing your trademark rights against competitors to protect your brands and reputation.

Review our Flat Fee Trademark Application Packages.

Contact us to discuss your trademark with an experienced trademark attorney. For more detailed information about specific trademark services, please visit the following links:

Trademark Application

Office Action Responses

Statement of Use Filings

Trademark Registration

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Assignment

Trademark Change of Ownership

Trademark Portfolio Management

Trademark Licensing

Trademark Litigation

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

Comprehensive Copyright Services

Our copyright services include:

  • Registering your copyrights with the United States Copyright Office to secure enhanced protection;

  • Licensing your copyrights to obtain royalties; and

  • Defending your interests in copyright disputes.

  • Consider registration of the following original works:

  • Books and screenplays;

  • Photographs, illustrations, paintings and sculptures;

  • Website designs and computer programs;

  • Musical compositions and musical performances; and

  • Architectural designs, including home and commercial building plans.

To discuss copyright protection of your works with an experienced copyright attorney, please click the button below. For pricing information, please review our Flat Fee Copyright Application Package.




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