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Trademark Application Packages

To suit different clients’ needs and budgets, we offer several trademark packages for pursuing federal trademark registration. All services are performed by an experienced trademark attorney. Each package has its own flat-fee* for the services provided in that package.


U.S. Trademark Application: $850

This package includes all legal and government filing fees to prepare and file an application to register your trademark for one class of goods or services. In addition, this package includes a review of the trademark for formal trademark requirements before proceeding to file the application. If the trademark does not satisfy the formal requirements, then we will either assist you to select a trademark that does meet the requirements or refund the entire fee to you.

U.S. Trademark Application & Full Search Package: $1,850

This package includes everything in the U.S. Trademark Application package plus a full trademark search, which includes a comprehensive search of U.S. Trademark Office databases, state trademark databases, business name databases, and common law databases. This search can more fully inform us whether trademark protection appears available for a given trademark. Further, the full trademark search helps us to advise you whether your use of a given trademark would put you at risk of inadvertently infringing another party’s trademark rights. $850 of the flat-fee will be refunded to you if you elect to not file the trademark application after the full search is completed. This package includes a Thomson CompuMark U.S. Full Search.

Foreign Trademark Application: Contact to discuss pricing.

 *The flat-fees listed above include one class of goods or services. Additional classes of goods or services will incur additional government filing fees. The flat-fees listed above will increase by $350 per extra class of goods and services beyond the included first class.

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