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Licensing and Contracts

We assist clients with a wide range of intellectual property and technology licenses and contracts.


Below is a non-inclusive list of the various contracts/agreements with which we can assist, often available for a fixed fee. Each contract will protect your legal rights and be customized to fit your business practices. 

  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

  • Employment Contract or Subcontractor/Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Website Terms of Use

  • Website Privacy Policy

  • Application Services Agreement

  • Click-Wrap End User License Agreement

  • Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreement

  • Consulting Services Agreement

  • Copyright License

  • Custom Software Development Agreement

  • Custom Software Maintenance and Support Agreement

  • Employment Contract

  • Master Services Agreement

  • Master Software License Agreement

  • Noncompete Agreement

  • Patent License

  • Shrink-Wrap End User License Agreement

  • Software Copyright Assignment

  • Software Customization Agreement

  • Staffing and Placement Agreement

  • Subcontractor / Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Trademark License

  • Website Advertising Agreement

  • Website Development Agreement

  • Website Hosting Agreement

  • Website Privacy Policy

  • Website Terms of Use

Intellectual Property

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Internet and Tech

Licensing and Contracts

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